About Jade Lee

Jade Lee is a workplace culture, connection and engagement expert.  She is a talent professional who advises on building connection in teams to increase productivity and value to the business.  She has a focus on attraction and retention of high performers.

Jade works with organisations to improve workplace culture, increase engagement, wellbeing and in turn productivity of the organisation.  She is obsessed with creating an environment where employees feel valued, enjoy coming to work, contribute meaningfully to a profitable organisation and connect with their colleagues in a meaningful way.

Jade is passionate about creating workplaces that support positive mental health for employees and holding space for leaders and organisations to develop the strategies to make it a reality.  She is a trained in mental health first aid and has studied Human Resource Management in addition to her undergraduate degree in Chemistry.  Over her career she realised that the chemistry of people and workplace culture is where her interest lies.

Jade has over 20 years’ experience in coaching leaders on how to develop and maintain strong employee engagement through the employee life cycle, importance of effective onboarding and thoughtful hiring decisions.  Jade is excited to work with passionate leaders to improve connection in their teams.

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