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Sync & Swim

Program and methodology to set a new team member up for success

There is no better investment than in the success of your team. We are bringing high potential talent into our organisations and allowing them to flail their way through the first 12 weeks. Using our simple yet effective methodology gain clarity about the new starter build connection with the organisation and the team and impart the knowledge to get them started in the organisation on the right foot.

Relating Remotely

One on one coaching for Technical Leaders to create connected, flexible, and productive teams.

In order to have engaged employees, they need to feel connected, regardless of their geographical location, to their team, the vision, the company and their work. Learn how to be the Wifi Router to enable that connection, with a team that is spatially distant.  Connection is the power that enables employee engagement and effective communication in a team.  It allows a supportive environment to thrive, happiness in the workplace to rise and productivity within the team to soar.