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Connecting Hybrid Teams

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Lunch and Learn to improve engagement 


The last 2 years have been hard on our people.  They are exhausted, and they need our help and support. Luncheon Lessons from a Sherpa is a series of topics for your people, run exclusively for your organisation. Numbers are not capped, as many as wish to partake are welcome. 


The sessions combine to cover all elements of engagement and how we can work more productively in a supportive environment.  These sessions can be delivered online for convenience or if you are looking to get the team back in the office why not make it an event! 


Your people will learn improve their connection, look out for their team, be more engaged, and lead as the best version of themselves. 

Program to set a new team member up for success


There is no better investment than in the success of your team. We are bringing high potential talent into our organisations and allowing them to flail their way through the first 12 weeks. Using our simple yet effective methodology gain clarity about the new starter's contribution, build connection, and impart the knowledge to get them started on the right foot. 

A workshop for teams to increase connection and enable all members of the team to lead. 

Full day or half day workshops for teams.  Providing practical skills to improve engagement, increase retention and connection within the team. Enable a team of members to become a team of leaders, able to facilitate meaningful interactions, empower the individuals to have courageous conversations and create an environment where connection thrives. 

Lead like a Sherpa

Step Up

Tailored Workplace Training 

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Engaging and fun keynotes

Jade has several engaging keynotes she can deliver to your organisation or in a conference/public setting.  They are based off the learnings from her book and the “Lessons from a Sherpa”.   In modern workplaces our teams are not connecting, people are going through the motions to get the work done and meet a deadline but the connection to the company, the work and their colleagues is absent.    The Sherpa’s lessons provide an antidote to this disengagement which is seemingly increasing. 

Jade’s keynotes are entertaining and offer practical guidance.  The audience walks away with tools to immediately implement to improve their workday. 

A Coaching Program to guide new leaders 

The challenges in stepping up to a leadership role are many yet new leaders often do not get the support required to make a successful transition. 


Having coached new leaders over many years Jade is able to offer invaluable guidance over a 3-to-6-month period to those who are dedicated to developing into an engaging leader who is respected and looking to make leadership the platform for their career

Co-create something unique

There is the ability for Jade to work with your organisation to tailor something specific to your employee needs.  Co-created training and coaching packages are valuable for organisations to provide practical workplace training.  I can develop a tailored solution for your organisation, please reach out for a discussion.   

Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company.