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Career Coaching

Jade is a well-established Recruitment, Talent Selection and Talent Management professional. She is passionate about supporting technical professionals to have a career that is fulfilling, rewarding, and enhancing their life. With over 85 % of Australians not engaged in their work, Jade is on a mission to help people get passionate about their careers.

Having worked for operators, EPCM consultancies, government organisations, and recruitment agencies in the resources sector, she is well-placed to provide support for people who feel a little “stuck” in their careers. Jade is a direct communicator who can give a shove when a shove is needed. The shove will be complemented with empathy and support. Her studies in Chemistry and Human Resource Management enable her to understand technical people and advise them in the human resources aspects of career development.

Jade’s expertise covers effective job searching, awesome applications, powerful phone screens, convincing interview techniques and confident salary negotiations. In essence, she is the secret weapon to ensure you put your best foot forward and gain the advantage in securing the most suitable role.

Transformational Coach

My coaching is more than what "Life Coaching" promises. It is working with you to transform your life into something you are passionate about and do not want to escape from.  We work together for you to find clarity and confidence to determine the life that is truly aligned to your values and take steps to make it a reality.

Jade has a passion for travelling, she loves the great outdoors and met her husband when she was trekking to Everest Base Camp (he was her Sherpa!). She practises and instructs yoga, is passionate about mindfulness, sustained mental health, and living your best life.